Kristof Robert


Kristof was born in Orléans, France, on the banks of the Loire River.

He came to music through records, tapes and radio. The school was a melting pot of music exchanges spanning a wide range of genres, styles and countries. Back home his father’s car was teemed with folk and traditional music from Brittany and the Celtic nations. In his teens the scout’s summer camps brought folk songs around the fire and on the bus. The love for the guitar stems from all these years.

At last one christmas he received a present of an acoustic guitar from his parents. The musical journey was about to start inspired by a few friends and by the live music scene. In the second half of the  90’s Kristof was delighted when he got a chance to join the group “Au Lit Les Mômes”. It was a great formative time with great friends playing original songs and folk music from Ireland and Quebec.

A couple of months before the new millennium, Kristof moved to Ireland in Carrick-on-Suir. He sat in on sessions around Carrick for many years until the urge to write his own songs heightened. The first song to emerge was shortlisted on an Imro competition and so the story begins.

Nice Place is his debut album and was released in 2020. It contains 10 original tracks. On this album, Kristof is joined by many friends: Gay Brazel – former Tweed-(on all kinds of sliding instruments, electric guitars…), Mick Grace (drums/cajon), Cormac Hennessy (double-bass), Ano (backing vocals), Paddy Flynn (Glockenspiel) and a French guitarist Stephane Lefort. Finally to blend all this, the album was mixed by the “magician” Alastair McMillan. 

The talents of these lads bring the listeners along in a gentle and relaxed stroll by the river and the woods, to a feverish jive, and back to more “mem’ries knocking on your shoulder” moments; even one in French!

Besides the music, the artwork by Rita O’Dwyer on the cover and the sleeve notes is just stunning.